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Harrogate and Rural District CCG Vanguard Bid

posted 25 Feb 2015, 13:00 by Richard Eastoe   [ updated 25 Mar 2015, 16:16 ]

Richard Eastoe attended the recent
Continuing the Conversation" public involvement event at the Pavilions in Harrogate. At this event Harrogate and Rural District Clinical Commissioning Group announced their successful bid to be one of only 29 Vanguard sites as part of the NHS's "New Care Model Programme". With this they presented their vision for health and social care in the Harrogate and rural district.

Vanguard and the New Care Model Programme

The new programme currently aims to target the top 4% at risk and provide individual centred care by way of a common patient care plan that all of an individual's care providers will have access to. There'll be local, integrated care teams to improve communication between the different agencies who provide support for the indvidual and also be a named support person who'll help coordinate the individual's care.

As part of the programme there'll be a "Virtual Hub" to provide 24/7 advice and support with access to a central directory of care services.

There'll also be 3 to 4 "Community Hubs" across the region. These will include GPs, community teams, adult social care, mental health, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and specialist nurses. They will be open at least 12 hours a day with one centre open 24/7.

The plans are all in the early stages but the first step will be to get the virtual hub running.

Impact on People with Vasculitis

This is potentially a big change in the provision of care for people with long term conditions, like vasculitis. Having a named, dedicated person supporting the individual should enable better communication and continuity of care between GPs and the many different clinicians that people with vasculitis often have to see.

Imapct on Other Yorkshire Agencies

Harrogate CCG is not the only Yorkshire agency to have made a successful bid to become a Vanguard site. Click on the links below to see how the Vanguard programme will affect other areas of Yorkshire :

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